Sunday, May 30, 2010

Not too Big, Not Too small, Jjust right!
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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ralph Willard's
Tower antiques show is coming up!
Print this picture for a free pass.
NOTE: The show has moved two doors down to the Tower Building.
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blue Cupboard inside and out
5" tall 49" wide 15" deep shelf depth 12"

Blue Hardware counter with three drawers
34" tall 104" long 17" deep
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Large drawerd apothecary
104" tall 9feet long 16" deep 9.5" shelf depth
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Large Settle Cupboard. Has a bench on one side and a cupboard in the back ,
originally used as a room devider.
96" long 71" tall 28" deep 12" inside depth

Small Drawerd Apothecary
97" tall 48" wide 15" deep shelf depth 9"
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Walnut Display Table (Taller Than Normal)
134" long 27" wide 36" tall

Flat Bottom Boat in Old Gray Paint
156" long 44" wide 16" deep

Full size bull head

Industrial metal cart with two drawers
40" long 32" tall 24" wide
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Clothing Store display (One Pictured)
79" tall 174" wide 25" deep
shelf depth 11"
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Clothing Store Display Shelves ( One Pictured)
79" tall 131" wide 25" deep Shelf Depth 11"
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Black Apothicary 105" tall 65" wide 17" deep shelf depth 8 1/2"
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Mirrored Back Bar 87" long 115" tall 26" deep
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